This is a semi-truck sized plug and play bitcoin ASIC.

Delivers 12 PH/s, (about 1.3% of bitcoin's current total hashpower pulling 1.5MW)

The solution is a Drop-in mobile Datacentre, which can be moved around as needed. Centre's size is 400 square feet or about two shipping containers big and delivers a dozen petahashes of Bitcoin transaction processing hash power.  

Key Features

  • One of the most powerful and cost-efficient Bitcoin mining units available on the market, with up to 7PH/s of compute power served through Bitfury’s unique 14nm Clarke ASIC chip. 
  • A complete, self-contained bitcoin mining solution, housed with Bitfury’s innovative air cooling systems in a 40-foot marine container.
  • Custom built, installed and managed 24/7 by our expert engineering team. 
  • Easy and swift set-up, requiring only a suitable and affordable power source and internet access.

Key Benefits

Portable: Fully functioning, self-contained Bitcoin mining unit. No further investments of time, capital or expertise required. 

Speed: Ability to be plugged into the Bitcoin Blockchain within hours of delivery. 

Innovative: Ownership of and access to Bitfury’s proprietary, industry leading hardware, software and data center technology. 

Easy: Fully managed by Bitfury’s expert team. 

Peace of mind: In the unlikely event of a technical issue, your BlockBox will be backed by Bitfury computing power. 

Transparent: Easy to track. See your Bitcoin return in real-time on our secure mobile app. 

Smart: Fully upgradeable, providing exclusive access to Bitfury’s future innovations, allowing upgrades to the newest technology as we advance in this exciting ecosystem.                                                             

For the buyers of mobile Datacentre, Bitfury Group provides collocation services on our industrial site in Canada, British Columbia province, Vancouver.  

Algorithm SHA-256
Hashrate 12 PH/s ±5% (nominal)
Power consumption 1,5 MW (max)
Power efficiency 0.09 J/GH (nominal)
Weight 19 tons

Bitfury BlockBox w/ Allied Control cooling

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